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BITTERSWEET is a British dramedy short film directed by Max Mir and co-directed by Pol Miró that tells the story of a struggling baker, Benedict, whose attempt at taking his own life is interrupted by a persistent child in need of a cake.

The film takes an ironic point of view at destiny and second chances, taking the side of hope and proposing there's always a way of moving on despite how bad things may appear to be.


Everything is lost but; will Benedict find reasons worth living, or will he resume his arduous journey to the bottom of the river?


DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT:"Bittersweet was an idea I had stuck in my head for the longest time. I'm a firm believer in second chances, but I've always wondered if, perhaps, some people don't need them? How far can a hopeless man be pushed, and is there hope for everyone? I'm entirely grateful to Lorenzo [the screenwriter], Pol [the co-director], John [the producer] for sensibly listening to my story and helping me bring it to screen in a way that isn't neither completely sad or happy. That's what life is to me." 

Director, Max Mir